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What To Do In Perth During November

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Wildflowers are fading fast, but now is the time to see them, as well as whales travelling down the coast. The festival season also kicks off at this time. The beautiful springtime weather has us heading outdoors, where we may partake in any number of fun-themed activities.

Check out our calendar of outdoor events and festivals happening in Perth this November. Now that it’s warm enough to spend more time outside, we do so, and in return, nature seems to put on a performance to mark the occasion. For more perth attractions in november just click it. 

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What To Do In Perth During November

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, offers a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy during November. Here are some suggestions:

1. Explore Kings Park

Exploring Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth is a fantastic way to spend a day in November. Here’s what you can do there:

  • City Skyline Views: Kings Park offers breathtaking views of the Perth city skyline, the Swan River, and the surrounding landscapes. Take a stroll along the elevated walkways or find a scenic spot to sit and enjoy the panoramic vistas.
  • Botanic Garden: The park is home to the Western Australian Botanic Garden, which showcases a diverse range of native flora. Explore the garden’s extensive collection of plants, including unique and rare species. Don’t miss the tranquil Water Garden and the beautiful wildflower displays.
  • Bushland Walks: Kings Park features various walking trails that take you through native bushland, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Follow the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, a suspended bridge through the treetops, or explore the Bushland Nature Trail for an up-close experience with the local flora and fauna.
  • Aboriginal Heritage: Learn about the rich Aboriginal heritage and cultural significance of the area at the Kings Park Indigenous Heritage Tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, this tour offers insights into the traditional uses of plants, local history, and the connection between the Aboriginal people and the land.
  • Lotterywest Family Area: If you’re visiting with children, head to the Lotterywest Family Area, which offers a fantastic playground and picnic facilities. Kids can enjoy climbing structures, slides, and nature-based play areas, making it a great spot for a family outing.
  • Events and Exhibitions: Kings Park hosts various events, exhibitions, and festivals throughout the year. Check the park’s calendar to see if any special events or art displays are happening during your visit. These events often celebrate local culture, music, art, and more.
  • Anzac War Memorial: Pay a visit to the State War Memorial, also known as the Anzac War Memorial, located within Kings Park. It honours the Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women who lost their lives in various conflicts. The memorial offers a reflective and poignant experience.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, bring sunscreen, and carry drinking water during your visit. Kings Park is easily accessible from the city centre, and you can spend several hours exploring its beauty and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

2. Visit Cottesloe Beach

Visiting Cottesloe Beach in Perth is a wonderful way to enjoy the coastal beauty during November. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Beach Relaxation: Cottesloe Beach is known for its pristine white sandy shores and clear turquoise waters. Set up your beach towel, soak up the sun, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Take refreshing dips in the Indian Ocean to cool off from the warm weather.
  • Swimming and Water Activities: The beach offers a safe swimming area, patrolled by lifeguards, making it ideal for a refreshing swim. If you’re interested in water sports, you can rent equipment like stand-up paddleboards or snorkelling gear from nearby rental shops.
  • Coastal Walks: Take a stroll along the coastal paths that stretch along Cottesloe Beach. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and take in the scenic views of the coastline. You can also explore nearby beaches like North Cottesloe Beach and Swanbourne Beach.
  • Beachside Cafes and Restaurants: Cottesloe has a vibrant beachside café and restaurant scene. After sometime in the sun, head to one of the beachfront establishments for a delicious meal or a refreshing drink. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and indulge in local cuisine.
  • Sculpture by the Sea: If you visit in early November, you might be lucky to catch the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. This annual event showcases a range of sculptures along the coastal path between Cottesloe Beach and North Cottesloe Beach, adding an artistic element to your beach visit.
  • Sunset Views: Cottesloe Beach is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets. Find a comfortable spot along the beach or on the grassy terraces overlooking the ocean, and witness the stunning hues of the sky as the sun sets over the horizon.
  • Indiana Teahouse: Don’t miss the iconic Indiana Teahouse, a historic building located right on Cottesloe Beach. Enjoy a meal or a drink at this beachfront restaurant while taking in panoramic views of the ocean.

Remember to bring sun protection like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. It’s also a good idea to check the weather and ocean conditions before heading to the beach. Cottesloe Beach provides a fantastic coastal experience with its natural beauty and relaxed ambience.

3. Discover Fremantle

Exploring Fremantle, the historic port city south of Perth, is a must-do during your visit in November. Here’s what you can do in Fremantle:

  • Fremantle Markets: Start your exploration by visiting the iconic Fremantle Markets, a bustling marketplace housed in a heritage building. Browse through stalls offering fresh produce, local products, crafts, clothing, and unique souvenirs. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and grab a bite to eat from one of the food vendors.
  • Historical Walking Tour: Take a guided walking tour or explore on your own to discover Fremantle’s rich history. Visit the Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and learn about its fascinating past. Explore the historic buildings and architecture that line the streets, including the Fremantle Town Hall and the Round House, Western Australia’s oldest public building.
  • Art Galleries and Studios: Fremantle is known for its vibrant arts scene. Visit art galleries, such as the Fremantle Arts Centre and the Japingka Gallery, showcasing a diverse range of local and Indigenous artwork. You can also explore the many studios and workshops scattered throughout the city, where you can see artists in action.
  • Maritime Museum: Discover Fremantle’s maritime history at the Western Australian Maritime Museum. Learn about the region’s seafaring past, explore interactive exhibits, and marvel at the impressive collection of maritime artifacts, including the famous America’s Cup-winning yacht, Australia II.
  • Street Art and Murals: Wander through the streets of Fremantle and admire the vibrant street art and murals adorning buildings and laneways. The city is known for its creative and colourful urban art scene, and you can find striking pieces by both local and international artists.
  • Fremantle Prison YHA: For a unique accommodation experience, consider staying at the Fremantle Prison YHA. This award-winning hostel is located within the historic prison walls and offers a range of comfortable and affordable accommodations, along with guided tours of the prison.
  • Dining and Craft Beer Scene: Fremantle boasts a thriving food and craft beer scene. Explore the numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars that offer a wide variety of cuisines, from seafood to international flavours. Don’t miss the opportunity to try locally brewed craft beers at the many breweries and pubs in the area.
  • Bathers Beach: Take a short walk from the city centre to Bathers Beach, a tranquil spot where you can relax on the sand or enjoy a swim in the Indian Ocean. The beach is also home to the historic Bathers Beach House, a popular waterfront restaurant.

Fremantle offers a unique blend of history, culture, and contemporary charm. Take your time to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the city’s eclectic offerings.

4. Take a Swan River Cruise

Embarking on a scenic Swan River cruise is a delightful way to explore Perth and its surroundings. Here’s what you can expect during a Swan River cruise:

  • River Views: Sit back and relax as you cruise along the picturesque Swan River. Enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline, the lush riverbanks, and the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds you.
  • Landmarks and Points of Interest: As you sail along the river, you’ll pass by several notable landmarks and points of interest. Look out for the iconic Perth Mint, the Old Swan Brewery, the magnificent Matilda Bay, the University of Western Australia, and the stunning Kings Park and Botanic Garden.
  • Waterfront Mansions: Admire the elegant waterfront mansions and luxurious properties that line the banks of the Swan River. Get a glimpse of the opulent residences and marvel at their architectural beauty.
  • Historical and Cultural Commentary: Many Swan River cruises provide informative commentary about the region’s history, landmarks, and cultural significance. Learn about the Aboriginal heritage, the early European settlement, and the development of Perth as you cruise along.
  • Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for wildlife during your cruise. You may spot dolphins swimming alongside the boat or various bird species soaring above the river. It’s a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the natural diversity of the area.
  • Dining Cruises: Consider booking a dining cruise to combine sightseeing with a delectable meal. Indulge in a buffet or a-la-carte dining experience on board while enjoying the scenic river views.
  • Sunset and Evening Cruises: For a romantic experience, opt for a sunset or evening cruise. Watch as the sun sets over the river, casting a warm glow on the surroundings. Some cruises may offer live entertainment, making for a memorable evening.

Swan River cruises are available in various durations and themes, from short sightseeing trips to full-day excursions. Check with local tour operators to find the cruise that best suits your preferences. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply want to relax and enjoy the scenery, a Swan River cruise provides a unique perspective of Perth and its stunning riverfront.

5. Explore Rottnest Island

Exploring Rottnest Island is a fantastic day trip from Perth, offering a pristine natural environment and unique wildlife encounters. Here’s what you can do during your visit:

  • Ferry Ride: Catch a ferry from Perth or Fremantle to Rottnest Island. Enjoy a scenic ride across the Indian Ocean, taking in the coastal views along the way.
  • Rent a Bicycle: Upon arrival, rent a bicycle to explore the island. Cycling is the most popular way to get around Rottnest, as it allows you to cover more ground and visit various attractions at your own pace. The island is car-free, making it safe and enjoyable for cyclists.
  • Beaches: Rottnest Island boasts over 60 stunning beaches and secluded bays with crystal-clear waters. Visit popular spots like The Basin, Little Salmon Bay, and Pinky Beach, where you can swim, snorkel, or simply relax on the pristine sandy shores.
  • Quokka Encounters: Rottnest Island is famous for its adorable and friendly quokkas. These small marsupials are native to the island and are known for their cute smiles. Take the opportunity to snap a selfie with these charismatic creatures, but remember to respect their natural habitat and keep a safe distance.
  • Snorkelling and Diving: Discover the underwater wonders surrounding Rottnest Island. Rent snorkelling gear or join a guided snorkelling tour to explore vibrant coral reefs, encounter colourful fish, and possibly spot sea turtles and dolphins. If you’re a certified diver, you can also enjoy diving at various dive sites around the island.
  • Wadjemup Lighthouse: Visit the historic Wadjemup Lighthouse, located on the highest point of Rottnest Island. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the island and the surrounding ocean. The lighthouse offers insights into the island’s maritime history and provides a great photo opportunity.
  • Oliver Hill Battery: Explore the military history of Rottnest Island by visiting the Oliver Hill Battery. Take a train ride up to the gun emplacements and explore the tunnels. Learn about the island’s role in defending the coastline during World War II.
  • Wildlife Watching: In addition to quokkas, Rottnest Island is home to other wildlife species. Keep an eye out for New Zealand fur seals, various bird species, and reptiles like skinks and lizards as you explore the island.

Remember to bring sunscreen, water, and snacks for your day on Rottnest Island, as there are limited food options available. Additionally, follow the island’s guidelines for responsible tourism and wildlife interaction. With its stunning beaches, abundant wildlife, and serene natural beauty, Rottnest Island offers a memorable and enriching experience.

6. Visit The Perth Zoo

Visiting the Perth Zoo is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the animal kingdom and learn about wildlife conservation. Here’s what you can do during your day at the zoo:

  • Animal Encounters: Explore the Perth Zoo’s diverse range of animals from around the world. From majestic lions to playful meerkats, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and learn about a wide variety of species. The zoo is home to elephants, giraffes, orangutans, kangaroos, koalas, and many more fascinating creatures.
  • Guided Tours: Join a guided tour to enhance your zoo experience. Knowledgeable guides will provide insights into the animals’ behaviours, habitats, and conservation efforts. They can also answer any questions you have, ensuring a more enriching visit.
  • Animal Feedings and Shows: Check the zoo’s schedule for animal feedings and shows. Witness the incredible abilities of birds of prey during the Birds of Prey Flight Show, or watch as keepers interact with animals during scheduled feedings. These presentations provide educational and entertaining experiences for visitors of all ages.
  • Australian Bushwalk: Explore the zoo’s Australian Bushwalk, where you can encounter iconic Australian wildlife. See kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and other native animals in their natural habitat. Learn about Australia’s unique biodiversity and the importance of conservation.
  • African Savannah: Visit the African Savannah exhibit to witness the grandeur of African wildlife. Observe giraffes gracefully roaming, zebras mingling with antelope, and rhinoceroses enjoying their habitat. The exhibit aims to replicate the African savannah ecosystem, providing a glimpse into the animals’ natural behaviours.
  • Asian Rainforest: Immerse yourself in the lush Asian Rainforest exhibit, where you can spot orangutans, tigers, and Asian elephants. Learn about the challenges these animals face in the wild and the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect their habitats.
  • Nocturnal House: Step into the Nocturnal House to discover the world of nocturnal creatures. Experience the sights and sounds of animals like bilbies, numbats, and quokkas that are most active during the night. The dimly lit environment allows for a unique viewing experience.
  • Conservation Efforts: Learn about the Perth Zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation. Discover the various projects and initiatives they support, both locally and globally. Gain insight into the efforts being made to protect endangered species and their habitats.
  • Picnic Areas and Cafes: Take a break from your zoo exploration and enjoy a picnic in one of the designated areas. The zoo provides picnic spots where you can relax and enjoy your food. Alternatively, grab a bite to eat at one of the on-site cafes and refuel for the rest of your visit.

Perth Zoo offers an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages. It’s a place where you can connect with animals, learn about conservation, and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

7. Attend The Kings Park Festival

Attending the Kings Park Festival in November is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and beauty of Western Australia’s wildflowers. Here’s what you can expect during the festival:

  • Wildflower Displays: Explore the stunning wildflower displays throughout Kings Park. The park’s gardens and natural bushland come alive with a diverse array of native wildflowers, showcasing the region’s botanical richness. Marvel at the vibrant colours and delicate blooms as you stroll through the festival’s designated areas.
  • Guided Walks and Talks: Join guided walks led by experts who will provide insights into the native flora, their ecological significance, and the cultural heritage associated with the plants. Learn about the different species, their adaptations, and the conservation efforts in place to protect them. It’s a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of Western Australia’s unique plant life.
  • Exhibitions and Displays: Visit the festival’s exhibitions and displays to further explore the world of wildflowers. You may find interactive exhibits, informative panels, and artistic interpretations of the native flora. Gain a deeper understanding of the significance of these plants in the local ecosystem and cultural heritage.
  • Live Entertainment: Enjoy live entertainment during the festival, including music performances, cultural displays, and family-friendly activities. Take part in workshops, storytelling sessions, or art and craft activities that celebrate the connection between nature and creativity.
  • Photography Opportunities: The Kings Park Festival provides excellent opportunities for nature photography enthusiasts. Capture the vibrant colours, intricate details, and natural beauty of the wildflowers. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you’ll have plenty of subjects to inspire your creativity.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: The festival offers a range of activities that cater to families and children. Enjoy face painting, nature-inspired crafts, interactive displays, and educational games. It’s a wonderful way to engage young ones and foster their love for nature.
  • Food and Refreshments: Take a break from exploring the festival and indulge in food and refreshments available at Kings Park. Treat yourself to delicious snacks, meals, or a picnic on the lawns while surrounded by the stunning wildflower displays.

The Kings Park Festival is a celebration of Western Australia’s natural heritage, showcasing the incredible diversity of wildflowers found in the region. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, learn about the local ecosystem, and enjoy a range of activities for all ages. If your visit coincides with November, don’t miss this vibrant and colourful event.

8. Explore The Swan Valley

Exploring the Swan Valley on a day trip is a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts, foodies, and art lovers alike. Here’s what you can do during your visit:

  • Wine Tastings: The Swan Valley is renowned for its wineries and vineyards. Visit local wineries and indulge in wine tastings to sample the region’s varietals, including Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Verdelho. Learn about the winemaking process and the unique characteristics of the Swan Valley’s wines.
  • Gourmet Food: The Swan Valley is not just about wine; it’s also a culinary haven. Treat your taste buds to gourmet delights at the valley’s numerous restaurants, cafes, and food producers. Sample artisan chocolates, cheese, olive oil, nougat, and other delectable treats made with local produce.
  • Local Produce Markets: Visit the Swan Valley’s farmers’ markets to discover a range of fresh local produce. From fruits and vegetables to homemade preserves and baked goods, these markets offer a chance to savour the region’s flavours and support local producers.
  • Art Galleries and Studios: Explore the Swan Valley’s vibrant art scene by visiting art galleries and studios scattered throughout the region. Discover unique works by local artists, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and jewellery. Some galleries even offer opportunities to meet the artists and gain insights into their creative processes.
  • Historic Guildford: Take a stroll through the charming town of Guildford, the gateway to the Swan Valley. Admire the well-preserved colonial architecture, browse boutique shops, and visit heritage sites such as the Guildford Courthouse and St. Matthew’s Church.
  • Outdoor Activities: Enjoy the picturesque natural beauty of the Swan Valley by going for a leisurely walk or bike ride along the Swan River. Pack a picnic and relax in one of the scenic riverside parks, or take a boat cruise to see the valley from a different perspective.
  • Microbreweries and Distilleries: If you’re a fan of craft beer or spirits, the Swan Valley has you covered. Visit microbreweries and distilleries to taste locally brewed beers, ciders, and spirits. Take brewery tours, learn about the brewing process, and enjoy a refreshing beverage in a relaxed setting.
  • Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm: If you’re travelling with children, make a stop at the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm. Kids can interact with friendly farm animals, feed them, and enjoy tractor rides. It’s a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

The Swan Valley offers a delightful blend of wine, food, art, and natural beauty, all within easy reach of Perth. Take your time to explore the region, indulge in its offerings, and appreciate the unique charm of this historic and picturesque wine region.

9. Enjoy Water Sports

November is indeed a great time for water sports in Perth, with favourable weather and water conditions. Here are some water sports activities you can enjoy along the city’s coastline or at nearby beaches:

  • Surfing: Perth’s coastline offers excellent surfing spots for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, you’ll find waves suitable to your abilities. Popular surfing beaches include Scarborough Beach, Trigg Point, and Cottesloe Beach. Consider taking a surf lesson if you’re new to the sport.
  • Kiteboarding: Perth’s windy conditions make it an ideal destination for kiteboarding. If you’re an experienced kiteboarder, head to beaches like Woodman Point, Safety Bay, or Shoalwater Bay for thrilling rides. Lessons and equipment rentals are available for those who want to give it a try for the first time.
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): SUP is a popular water activity that allows you to explore Perth’s coastline while standing on a large surfboard and using a paddle. You can rent paddleboards and take them to beaches like Matilda Bay, Swanbourne Beach, or Rockingham Beach for a serene and enjoyable experience.
  • Kayaking: Explore the waters of the Swan River or venture out to the nearby coastal areas by kayaking. Rent a kayak and paddle along the scenic river, passing by the city skyline and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. You can also join guided kayak tours that provide a unique perspective on Perth’s landmarks and natural beauty.
  • Jet Skiing: For an exhilarating water adventure, try jet skiing along Perth’s coastline. Rent a jet ski and experience the thrill of speeding across the water while enjoying the stunning coastal views. Follow safety guidelines and regulations while jet skiing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: Perth and its surrounding areas offer excellent snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. Explore the underwater world and discover vibrant coral reefs, marine life, and shipwrecks. Some popular snorkelling and diving spots include Rottnest Island, Marmion Marine Park, and Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Remember to follow safety guidelines, check weather and water conditions, and use appropriate safety equipment for each water sport activity. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned water sports enthusiast, Perth’s coastline provides plenty of options to enjoy the water and make the most of your November visit.

10. Attend Outdoor Events

Attending outdoor events in Perth during November is a great way to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture and entertainment scene. Here are some types of events you can check for:

  • Music Festivals: Perth hosts various music festivals throughout the year, and November is no exception. Keep an eye out for outdoor music festivals featuring local and international artists across different genres, such as rock, pop, jazz, electronic, and more. These events often take place in scenic outdoor venues, offering a memorable experience.
  • Cultural Festivals: Perth celebrates its diverse cultural heritage with a range of outdoor festivals. Look for events that showcase Indigenous Australian culture, multiculturalism, or specific cultural communities within Perth. These festivals often feature live performances, traditional music, dance, arts and crafts, and authentic cuisine.
  • Food and Wine Festivals: Perth’s culinary scene shines during outdoor food and wine festivals. These events bring together local food vendors, restaurants, wineries, and breweries, offering a chance to indulge in a wide array of flavours. Enjoy food tastings, cooking demonstrations, live entertainment, and interactive food-related activities.
  • Arts and Crafts Markets: Discover the creativity and craftsmanship of local artists and artisans at outdoor arts and crafts markets. These markets often feature a range of handmade goods, including artwork, jewellery, pottery, textiles, and more. They are a great opportunity to support local artists and find unique souvenirs.
  • Sporting Events: Check for outdoor sporting events happening in November, such as marathons, cycling races, or water sports competitions. Perth’s favourable weather makes it an ideal location for outdoor sports, and you can either participate or cheer on the athletes.
  • Film Screenings: Keep an eye out for outdoor film screenings in parks or open-air venues. Perth occasionally hosts outdoor cinema events, allowing you to enjoy movies under the stars. Pack a picnic blanket, grab some snacks, and experience the magic of outdoor cinema.
  • Community Festivals and Fairs: Local communities in Perth often organize outdoor festivals and fairs to celebrate their neighbourhoods. These events showcase community spirit, featuring live entertainment, food stalls, family-friendly activities, and interactive experiences that highlight the local culture and talent.

To stay informed about outdoor events in Perth during November, check local event listings, community noticeboards, official tourism websites, and social media channels. Plan, secure any necessary tickets or registrations and embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in Perth’s diverse cultural and entertainment offerings.


In conclusion, Perth offers a wide range of activities and events to enjoy during November. Whether you choose to explore the natural beauty of Kings Park, visit the pristine beaches of Cottesloe, discover the historic charm of Fremantle, embark on a scenic Swan River cruise, or attend the Kings Park Festival, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, you can make the most of November in Perth by visiting Rottnest Island to encounter unique wildlife, exploring the Swan Valley to indulge in wine tastings and gourmet food, participating in water sports along the coastline, or attending outdoor festivals and events that showcase the region’s culture, music, and cuisine.

Remember to check local guidelines and restrictions, make any necessary reservations in advance, and stay updated on current event schedules. Enjoy your time in Perth and make wonderful memories exploring all that the city and its surroundings have to offer!

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